7 advantages of a small home

7 advantages of a small home

Many people dream of a large and spacious home without appreciating the benefits of the cozy little home they live in. See 7 reasons that the little home is better than the big one.

The little house saves money

A leading advantage of a small home is that its owner saves money because taxes, fees and insurance are lower. The house is heats up more easily, which affects the end-point of electricity and heating, and the reduced energy consumption contributes to a greener and eco-friendly way of life.

The small home has cheaper maintenance

When the colors in the tiny apartment get tired, something goes wrong and there is a need for repair or the home just needs some cosmetic changes, the repair is not a problem. Maintenance here is cheaper because the quantity of consumables is less, and the price is decreasing accordingly

The little apartment saves time

Think about how long it takes to clean one-bedroom apartment and multiply it by two or three – because you will need as many hours as you need to buy and maintain the large home. The little home does not like to clutter with different decorative elements on shelves and cabinets, so dusting will not be so sluggish. The advantage of rooms with a smaller square is that they come in order a few times easier than the wider and more spacious premises.

The little dwelling teach us in order

Owners of the small dwelling know that chaos is not their collaborator because it optically makes the rooms more narrow and uncomfortable. That is why they learn a little or very much about organization and order in the home. Besides, the small dwelling does not allow people to clutter with objects and clothes they do not use because there is no place to hold them. From feng shui’s point of view, this is a great way for them to throw away the negative energy.

The little home is more cozy

The small dwelling with appropriate décor and comfortable furnishings creates a sense of warmth and coziness. When the rooms are narrower, people are located around a focal point such as a fireplace or TV and are closer together. This undoubtedly leaves a sense of intimacy and family idyll.

The small apartment has a more original decor

There is nothing to be fooled – it’s easy to get original when you have more space. It is harder to swirl in a small home because the possibilities are more limited. The owners of the small dwelling are famous as better decorators because they know the effects and influence of colors, the combination of different fabrics, their subtleties in the decor, which optically enlarge the home and make it more cozy.

The little home is easier to change

Even if you decide that you want to change your home with better one (no matter if it is bigger or newer), relocation will be much easier because you have fewer items to export. Moreover, the small apartment is sold faster because the price is lower and this type of home is more demanding. And if you need a cleaning company you can always find good reviews on the web, such as the End of tenancy cleaning Tunbridge Wells agency.

Coffee market – status and directions

Coffee market – status and directions

Cup of coffee, which many people consider to be an integral part of everyday life for the past four years has increased in value on average over twice that there are objective and subjective conditions. In our country there isn’t official statistics on coffee prices and market share of the brands, but a survey among the main importers of raw (green) coffee prices on some markets suggests that its prices this year have increased by 20-30% – as wholesale as well retail.

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO) for the first eight months of the year 2016 worldwide coffee has appreciated by about 11%, while for the entire 2007 international coffee prices have risen by 7%. If we go further back, to 2005, the average world price of coffee was about 1112 dollars per ton, and in August this year it is about 2510 USD / t. On the London Stock Exchange, which (along with New York) is essential for coffee prices in the world in September concluded contracts for raw (green) coffee variety Robusta (the other main variety is the Arabica) at a price of 2518 USD / t to 2588 USD / t. There are concluded futures for November at a price of 2503 USD / t.

Several major companies importing raw coffee also traded on those exchanges. The international prices, however, can be applied directly as wholesale coffee prices in the country, because coffee is first baked, then it could be sold in bulk, but also packaged – which are additional costs. Of great importance is the origin of coffee (country of origin) and brand (which in most cases is a combination of several types of coffee). For example, coffee produced in Brazil is generally the cheapest, but the country is the world’s largest producer and exporter. According to last year Brazilian exports has held approximately 29% of the total market for this product. The next largest exporters of coffee in the world are Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia.

Ethiopia, which is the birthplace of coffee, is in fifth place with only about 5% of world exports (about 5.74 million. Number of bags of 60 kg), but its raw coffee is considered the highest quality and is most expensive in the world. An interesting fact is that for the period 2002-2007, although surely ranks first as exporter of coffee with a big “lead” before following it are countries, Brazil reduced its exports by 30%, while Ethiopia increased it by 55%.

As for the types of green coffee, basically they are cheaper and thus the vast majority do not belong to the elite varieties of coffee. In this regard wholesalers coffee commented that comply with the requirements and purchasing power in the market. Itself wholesale coffee (in bags or wrapped) is carried out in recent years mainly marketplaces and through direct contacts between the parties, as importers are only a few companies.

Looking ahead, however, the prices of coffee worldwide is unlikely to have a significant return, rather, at least for the coming months, the trend is retention or slight price increase, commented observers of international markets without commit to specific forecasts.

Top 5 Diet Fads

Top 5 Diet Fads

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and once January 1 comes around, the status of fad diets hit the roof.

What is a fad diet?

Many people are generally misinformed when it comes to nutrition and diets

The description of a fad diet is, when you ban one food or food group whichassuresquick weight-loss and promises quick and easy results.

Fad diets may:

  •  Endorse quick weight loss or make impractical promises.
  • Propose special products or necessitate special dietary enhancements
  • Entail certain foods to be eaten at a allocated time of the day
  • Entail you toevade some food groups, even healthy foods and has too many false promises

Health Issues

Fad diets are enticing if you want to lose weight fast, but one needs to be cautious with these diets as it does pose some health issues.

Insufficient calories

insufficient calorieconsumption can put the body into a state of starvation and may cause health problems

Insufficient fibre

The lack of fibre may cause constipation

Lack of vital nutrients

Fad diets do not teach a person better, healthier eating habits. The result is that the weight loss is not permanent; as soon as a normal eating pattern is resumed, the dieter begins to regain lost pounds, and may end up in worse shape than before


Banting is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, the idea is that this way of eating makes your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. Read more on Banting Diets here: http://mybantingdiet.co.za/


Protein is a vital nutrient that helps repair muscles helps the body to recover from injury.  High protein helps keep hair and nails healthy consuming too much can be unhealthy as a high-protein diet can stress your kidneys the organs accountable for absorbing protein.


Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. A gluten-free diet eliminates the protein gluten.

Raw Foods Diet

When food is cooked we breakdown natural enzymes the food loses many of its nourishing benefits. This diet evades foods that are cooked.  Fruits, vegetables and saturated grains are moderately low in calories.

Everyone wants to try some diet out there and want to lose weight, some do it to just fit into society or some do it for health reasons but when coming to your health the most important thing is to always remember that any diet that restricts calories will most likely work for short-term weight loss and not for the long-term. So please try not to surrender to fad diets.

Try to learn more from a dietician and find out what is healthy and maintainable eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Wonders and mysteries of the Rila Monastery

Wonders and mysteries of the Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery is the largest monastery in Bulgaria and one of the most revered throughout the Orthodox world. If you organize a trip to Bulgaria is obligatory to visit this holy and remarkable place. Almost all Bulgaria Transfer agencies offer special excursions to the Rila Monastery.

Its creation is associated with the life of the Bulgarian saint Ivan Rilski, who was born in the late 9th century in Skrino, a small village in the folds of Osogovo. Ivan Rilski has witnessed the some of the most important events in Bulgarian history – the adoption of Christianity, the rise of the state at the time of Simeon and its decline at his son Petar. After accepting monasticism in Boboshevski monastery “St. Dimitar” the saint devoted himself to cloistered life.

Ivan Rilski been to many places before settling in Rila where founded a monastery, where he stayed until the end of his life.

In 11-12 century, during the Byzantine rule the monastery was already known and was the mainstay of Bulgarian identity and ancestral memory. After the restoration of the Bulgarian state in 1185. brought the relics of the saint in new capital Tarnovo – an undeniable sign of the great importance of St. Ivan Rilski, considered the patron of Bulgaria.

In the 14th century. The monastery became solidly entrenched and impressive complex, thanks to the efforts of the local feudal ruler Sebastocrator Hrelyo. In 1335 he built a five-storey tower defense with battlements, known as the fortress tower of Hrelyo, and in 1343 next to the tower erected the church that was destroyed in the 19th century.

When Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottoman Empire the monastery survived and retained the privileged position. But in 1435 he was completely deserted by bandit attacks. Was rebuilt in 1460 by three brothers who in 1469 managed to obtain by Sultan Murad II’s permission to return the relics of St. Ivan of Rila monastery. Return the relics of the saint has become a nation-wide demonstration of unfailing Bulgarian spirit. The procession described by Vladislav the Grammarian in Panegyric to the monastery.

During the years of slavery, the monastery was a great literary and religious center. Here working writers, translators and painters studying clerics maintained active links with other Orthodox countries. In the early 19th century the monastery was renovated by Master Alexi. In 1834 began construction of the new church “Virgin Birth”. All mural paintings in it were painted by painters from Samokov and Bansko school. The iconostasis is the largest in the Balkans. Threaded three years by master Atanas Teladur and is entirely gilded few years after placement. Two extremely valuable relics are relics of St. Ivan Rilski and the miraculous icon “Virgin Mary Odigitria (Hodegetria)” located in the main church.The library of the monastery keeps 16 000 volumes, among them especially valuable manuscripts of 15-19 century.

Museum of the monastery has over 380 exhibits – icons, weapons, priestly vestments, liturgical objects, gifts and endowment charters. One of the most interesting exhibits in the museum is the first geographic globe in our country made in 1836 by Neofit Rilski for the monastery school and the Rafail’s Cross.

The key to a successful home maintenance

The key to a successful home maintenance

Home maintenance is something like a topic more eternal than the love and the friendship, the trust, the freedom.

It is something that will exist as long as homes exist and people live in them and they want to keep them in the best condition possible. But the pure desire or wish is in life completely not enough and to make it happen is a lot harder than to want it be in a certain way. For this same reason the home maintenance seems to be one of the most strenuous tasks, simply because it is not something you should do once only, it is something you have to do on a daily basis. And think about it, if you had to clean your entire house once a year, you would do your best then, cleaning every surface and removing every stain and every dust’s particle. lawn-care-643561_640But the ugly truth is that you should do it again and again, day after day, without taking a rest and a week off, believing that it will be all good, because it won’t be. If you skip a cleaning, you will notice it and it won’t be pleasant and nice. With the time, I am sure that you have jumped to this same conclusion and you have created something like a cleaning routine you stick to. And right here is hidden the key to the most successful home maintenance ever, to the one that will keep your home in a condition that will surprise even the best London’s cleaners, when they come for a move out cleaning, for instance.

Every week replace one of the tasks of your cleaning routine with a much deeper clean-up.

Vacuum-cleaning, dust removal, kitchen cleaning, windows washing, bathroom clean-up – this is something like your cleaning routine, right? So what you should do is perform it just like any other week, but change one of those tasks with a little bit more serious one. So instead of simply tidying up the kitchen, clean it deeply this week, taking care of all the appliances, removing the grease from the oven and even hiring a professional cleaning team to do it instead, take care of the microwave, the toaster, the coffee maker and don’t forget the dishwasher as well, it’s not self washable at all. After that go through every surface with a disinfecting product, removing the dust and the grime and finish with a microfiber cloth for perfection.

Your kitchen won’t need such a deep cleaning next week and then you can focus on the bathroom – clean the hard water stains, the shower, put the shower curtain in the washing machine with some towels, which will actike scrubbers and will remove the soap scum, clean the toilet bowl and the sink, disinfect well and kill all the bacteria living there. Use water, a lot of it. If you keep following this tactic, the result will be more than obvious, it will surprise you and amaze you and leave you out of breath.

Can you perform a move out cleaning in a weekend?

Can you perform a move out cleaning in a weekend?

We all know about the so called end of tenancy cleaning, simply because at a certain moment in life we had to live in a home to rent and therefore we were forced to perform such a cleaning and to go through the following inspection as well, or you simply have a friend, who needed your help during a move out once and you understood then about all those procedure prior the actual move out. window-1283889_640And even if you haven’t gotten into a situation like this, I hardly believe that you have never heard about this cleaning, its checklists and the strict inspections that follow. But though these cleanings are really popular and though many cleaning agencies these days offer services that will help you go through this unpleasant period of time easier and a lot nicer and for this reason they even offer an end of tenancy cleaning itself, there are still far too many questions, still far too many unknowns and despite the obvious popularity of it, it is so mysterious that you are somehow scared of it being too soon. A simple truth you most probably know: we are all afraid of the uncertain. And thus if you have all your questions answered and all the vagueness made perfectly clear, you will be able to face it like a grown-up, you will manage to cope with it so damn facilely that you will hardly remember it.

How long would it take? 

This is the main question, the one that bothers us all. Well, unfortunately, there is no clear answer, simply because it depends on so many different things. The first one, do you consider the packing as part of the cleaning. If yes, then you will need a lot of time, because I assume that you have many belongings and many pieces of furniture, many clothes and many decorations and you will want to take them all. However, if you start preparing yourself for the move out earlier, then you will be done with the whole packing thing in advance and thus you will need a lot less time for the actual move out cleaning and it will turn out to be not that time-consuming at all.

Could I do it by myself?

Well, you could, I am sure that you are able to perform such a cleaning by yourself, but the question is, is it worth it. And, in my opinion, no. If you want to clean your house properly, in a way that it will pass the inspection and will bring you the money from the security deposit back to your bank account, you will need too much time and energy, too many efforts and in fact more money than if you decide to hire one of the best London’s cleaners for a move out cleaning. The team, which will arrive, is a professional and skilled, experienced and expert and what it offers is not a simple cleaning.